About Decragard

Decragard roof coatings have been distributed in New Zealand for over 35 years.

Founded in 1975, Decragard roof coatings have been restoring the appearance and extending the life of concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated roofing, colour-coated steel and Decramastic tile roofs; through roof cleaning, roof repairs and roof repainting; adding value to thousands of New Zealand homes.

Today, Decragard continues to restore New Zealanders’ roofs through a nationwide network of Decragard Licensed Applicators, professionals in roof cleaning, roof repairs and roof repainting.

Decragard is manufactured by Gerard Roofs. Gerard Roofs have been enhancing the appearance and protecting the value of homes and buildings around the world for over 50 years.

Available in over 120 countries, Gerard Roofs cover and protect more than a million homes and buildings. Whether in the salt-laden air of the Pacific, the searing heat of the Arabian Desert or the arctic storms of Canada, Gerard Roofs have earned a lasting reputation as global leaders in lightweight pressed steel roofing technology.