Decragard FAQs

1.    How do I know if the Decragard roof repainting system is right for me?

If you have an existing concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated roofing, colour-coated steel or Decramastic tile roof which looks tired or is deterioriating, call your local Decragard Licensed Applicator for a free inspection, appraisal and quote.

2.    How much will a quote for the Decragard roof repainting system cost?

Your local Decragard Licensed Applicator will provide you with an initial inspection, appraisal and quote free of charge.

3.    How much will it cost to have Decragard applied?

Prices vary according to the type of roof you have, the condition of your roof and the work required; but it is usually about 1/3 the cost of installing a new roof. Talk to your Decragard Licensed Applicator to obtain a quote, free of charge.

4.    How long does the Decragard roof coating process take?

The entire roof coating process usually takes between three to five working days with minimal interruption to your lifestyle. Talk to your Decragard Licensed Applicator for further information.

5.    How many colours does Decragard come in?

Available in an attractive selection of 18 classic roofing colours, you can add value to your home by matching the existing colour of your roof to restore the original appearance or change the colour of your roof completely.

6.    How long is the Decragard Roof repainting warranty valid for?

Providing application is completed correctly and the roof is properly maintained Decragard has a ten-year pro-rata warranty. This means your roof coating has a full warranty for the first five years and a diminishing pro-rata warranty for the remaining five years.

7.    How do I find a Decragard Licensed Applicator?

There are a network of Decragard Licensed Applicators located throughout New Zealand and you can find your local Decragard Licensed Applicator by clicking on the Applicator Locator Page.

8.    I want to request a Decragard roof coating system brochure, how do I go about this?

You can fill out the online form on the Contact Us page to request a complimentary brochure, which will be sent out to you.

9.    Where is a roof hip located?

A roof hip is a sloping junction of two roofing surfaces that generally meet at an external corner.

10.  Where is a roof ridge located?

A roof ridge is the topmost horizontal juncture of a roof where two opposite areas of roof rise meet.

11.  If I have a rainwater collection system on my roof, how many rainfalls should I wait before reconnecting the system after a Decragard application?

Rainwater collection systems should be disconnected prior to commencement of Decragard and left off for four good rainfalls (moderate to heavy rain that lasts for a minimum of 2 hours at a time) after completion of coating before reconnecting.