Key benefits of the Decragard roof coating system

A Decragard roof coating will protect and extend the life of your existing concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated roofing, colour-coated steel or Decramastic tile roof and add value to your home.

Here are the reasons for selecting a Decragard roof coating to add value to your existing roof:

1. Improve your home’s street appeal and market value

A Decragard roof coating improves your home’s street appeal and market value by enhancing the appearance of your existing concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated roofing, colour-coated steel or Decramastic tile roof.

2. Extend the life of your roof

Reduce long term maintenance costs by restoring your roof’s protective surface coating, whilst resisting the onset of algae, moss and lichen growth for up to three years.

3. Total roof restoration service

A complete roof restoration service is undertaken before Decragard coatings are applied. The process begins with a roof clean, consisting of a chemical treatment and water clean. Minor roofing repairs are then carried out, eliminating the need to use a separate roofing contractor to prepare the surface for the application of the Decragard roof basecoat and topcoat.

4. Warranty

Providing the application is completed correctly and the roof is properly maintained, Decragard has a ten-year pro-rata warranty. Your roof coating will have a full warranty for the first five years and a diminishing pro-rata warranty for the remaining five years.

5. Specifically designed systems for different roof types

Different roofing surfaces have distinctive properties requiring specific roof coating systems. Decragard has a specially designed repainting system for each roofing type (concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated roofing, colour-coated steel or Decramastic tile) maximizing adhesion to the specific substrate. The network of Decragard Licensed Applicators are experienced in determining which system is correct for your roof.

6. Cost effective

Decragard is a cost effective roof restoration solution. Depending on the condition of your roof and the work required, the approximate cost of Decragard is about 1/3 of the cost of a re-roof.

7. Free no-obligation roof inspection

Your Decragard Licensed Applicator will provide you with a free quote and report on the condition of your roof including recommendations for roof restoration.

8. Nationwide network of Licensed Applicators

There is a network of Licensed Decragard Applicators located throughout New Zealand and you can be assured an Applicator will be located near you.

9. Two finishes

Decragard has a range of specifically formulated paint systems which come in two finishes; Gloss and EC Topcoat. Both the Gloss and EC Topcoat can be used over a variety of surfaces depending on whether you want a Gloss or Matt finish, however for chipped roof finishes only EC Topcoat can be used. The formulations are developed to provide durability on most commonly encountered substrates, which is why we offer a 10 year warranty.

10. Extensive colour range

With an attractive selection of 18 classic roofing colours, you can match your existing roof colour, restoring the appearance to look like new; or change the colour of your roof coating completely.